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A Bodging we shall go ...

Deep in the woods near Staunton Harold ... Peter weaves his magic teaching complete beginners to make chairs or weaving or coracle making. This is one of the many positive reviews his courses have caused people to write:

" I attended the beginner's basket weaving class in July 2016; arrival in this beautiful and peaceful location got us all in the mood for 2 days of focussed but relaxed apprenticeship in the amazing art of basketry. Through practical application, a small class got to grips with the basics of willow weaving, making good progress on our first basket by the end of the first day. Day 2 gave us the chance to hone our newly discovered skills on a second piece. An inspirational tutor, Tom Hare gave us the confidence to complete some genuinely useful projects as well as sharing with us some insights into his own amazing sculptures. I am reminded of the course, every time I use my baskets which take pride of place at home and I keep dropping hints to Father Christmas for the chance to attend a follow up course!"

And here's another:

"What a lovely way of spending a week!

I had never picked up a chisel, let alone a wood shaver, yet after 7 days working hard ,in a beautiful wood I have a fine Windsor chair at which I stare lovingly, at the end of each day.

Peter is great teacher, incredibly patient and good humoured . What he achieved with this student is quite astonishing.

Add to this,being under the trees all day, the best homemade bread & soup for lunch and countless cups of tea and you have a perfectly relaxing, as well as very productive, holiday."

So, by basing yourself here for your course, you are about 5 minutes drive from the site. You can book everything via:

In fact, Charlotte and I are considering attending ourselves ... I've always fancied my own rocking chair!


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