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Shooting from Breedon

Back in June I described the superb trout fly fishing available here in the Midlands, particularly on the rivers of Derbyshire with their crystal clear waters.

This month I'm going to focus on the shooting opportunities for those of you who'd like to try it or try a different part of the world if you already shoot. The East Midlands is a hidden gem with good quality shoots at reasonable prices - or so say the teams of guns that come to stay here both from the UK and from overseas. We don't offer shooting ourselves but we have many affiliations with estates in the neighbourhood that can enable those that would like to go, opportunities are not necessarily available via the open market.

Live bird days available

So, whilst there are several very good live bird shoots in our vicinity, an increasingly popular activity these days is to participate in a simulated shoot whereby clay pigeons are presented to guns in a realistic manner, as though you were on a real game drive.

A simulated clay drive

Below is a sample itinerary of what you could expect on a simulated clay pigeon shoot day.


After a good breakfast at Breedon, the day begins with participants arriving at the shooting venue, nestled in a scenic countryside setting. The air is crisp, and the excitement is palpable. As the sun rises, the anticipation mounts with the bustle of activity.

Safety Briefing:

Before anything else, a safety briefing is conducted. The participants are reminded of the essential safety rules and protocols to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. They're provided with safety glasses, ear protection, and any other necessary gear.

Warm-up Session:

The morning starts with a warm-up session. This is an opportunity for participants to get comfortable with their shotguns and to practice their shooting skills before the main event. If a beginner, a shooting instructor will be allocated to guide the newbie through the basics and to keep safety at all times! A variety of simple targets are launched to help participants warm up and get into the rhythm of shooting.

Main Event:

After the warm-up, the main event begins. Participants gather in small groups and move through a series of shooting 'drives' strategically positioned around he estate. Each 'drive' offers a unique shooting challenge with different types of clay targets being launched at varying angles, speeds, and trajectories.

Lunch Break:

A typical outdoor shoot lunch - weather permitting!

Around midday, there's a break for lunch, sometimes outside sometimes not. Participants can relax, share stories, and refuel for the afternoon session. The shoot organisers often provide a hearty meal, and participants can enjoy the camaraderie of fellow shots!

Afternoon Session:

The afternoon session continues with more drives. The difficulty level might increase as participants progress through the day. Different shooting techniques and stances are employed to tackle various target presentations.

Competition and Prizes:


Toward the end of the day, a friendly shooting competition might take place. Participants can choose to enter and showcase their skills. The competition could involve shooting at a specific number of targets from different positions, with points awarded for each hit. Prizes might be awarded to the top performers in different categories.

As the day of simulated clay pigeon shooting comes to an end, participants gather for closing remarks, thank the organisers, and perhaps share their favourite moments from the day. It's a time to reflect on the challenges conquered and the fun had. You return to Breedon for a relaxing bath and possibly a sharpener in the drawing room before dinner as you relive your day.


A day of simulated clay pigeon shooting offers a blend of camaraderie, skill-building, and outdoor enjoyment in a manageable way. Participants get to challenge themselves with different shooting scenarios while soaking in the natural beauty of a shooting estate. It's an activity that caters to both experienced shooters and beginners alike, providing an unforgettable experience for all involved.

If this appeals to you, please give us a ring: 01332 864935 /


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